India asks Pakistan to dismantle terror network operating from its soil

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New Delhi, Nov 25(ANI): Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor on Wednesday reiterated the demand that Pakistan should dismantle the terror network operating from its soil.

Tharoor was reacting to Indian army chief Deepak Kapoor's remarks that Pakistan wanted to push as many terrorists as possible from across to the Indian side.

"As a general proposition, I will agree that we have not seen any evidence of dismantling of the camps that have been used in the past and the new camps have sprung up that have been used to train the terrorists and so called militants to bring violence in the country," Tharoor told media persons in the national capital.

"So, even though I don't know the details of the Army chief's specific findings, as a general proposition, we renew our demand to Pakistan to take effective action to dismantle its terrorist structure which includes training camps, its financing and it includes all sorts of other provisions form, which over the last 15-20 years our country has been repeatedly attacked," he added.

Meanwhile, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Gopinath Munde said that the terrorist organizations such as Lakshar-e-Taiba were being helped by Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) agency.

"After taking helping hand from Pakistan's intelligence agency, Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), Lakshar-e-Taiba and other terrorist organizations are planning attacks on India and the committee which was appointed to present its report to the Government on the Mumbai terror attacks is not making the report public. The contents of the report should be brought before the people of the country," said Munde.

Ten gunmen had landed on Mumbai's shores by boats on November 26, 2008 and fired indiscriminately at a busy railway station, a Jewish settlement, restaurant and luxury hotels.

Several people were held hostage for the next three days and at least 166 people were killed before NSG commandoes smoked out the last of the terrorists on November 28th.

Pakistan has acknowledged that the Mumbai attack was plotted and partly launched from its soil and has put on trial seven suspects. (ANI)

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