Miracle baby survives 11 blood transfusions in womb!

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London, Nov 18 (ANI): Baby Jasmine Tanner needed as many as 11 blood transfusions in her mother's womb to live.

Doctors had no other option but to repeat the procedure after it was found that her blood type was incompatible with that of her mum.

Melanie Tanner developed Rhesus disease, which led her antibodies to destroy Jasmine's blood cells, putting the little one at the risk of death by heart failure.

Blood transfusions were the only way out until Jasmine was delivered by C. section at 34 weeks.

She was immediate assigned to the intensive care unit where three more transfusions were given to her.

Now, over a year has passed and the only marks of Jasmine's battle for life are the small needle scars on her abdomen.

Melanie was diagnosed with the rare condition, which develops in only one out of 10,000 women, when she was nine weeks into pregnancy.

Seven weeks later when the blood transfusions started, there was a one in 10 chance of Melanie's kid dying each time the procedure was carried out.

"It was awful but we just had to get on with it because we had no choice," the Telegraph quoted Melanie, as recalling.

"But I knew each time that I might actually come out without a baby. Every time I drove to the hospital I had a feeling of doom mixed with anxiety.

"But we had to do everything possible to give our baby the best chance of survival."

In the begging the foetus was small and blood was injected through Melanie's stomach into the baby's tummy.

From 20 weeks the baby was given blood directly through her umbilical vein.

Melanie said: "I was petrified but I tried to keep it to myself as much as I could.

"I never looked at the needle and I tried to concentrate on staying perfectly still for the baby.

"It was a very tense and stressful time."

She added: "Without people who generously donate blood, our beautiful little girl would not be here with us today.

"We really would urge anyone who can donate blood to do so.

"It can help save a life before it's even begun.

"Jasmine has brought us so much happiness. She's a little miracle."

Melanie and Duncan, parents to Ryan and Jasmine, have decided to have no more children. (ANI)

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