Sunbeds 'significantly increase skin cancer risk among kids'

Posted By: Staff
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London, November 13 (ANI): Sunbeds are increasingly putting children at risk of skin cancer, according to experts.

Researchers have estimated that a quarter of a million 11-17 year olds in England have chances of developing malignant melanoma by using sunbeds.

In a letter written to this week's BMJ, Catherine Thomson from Cancer Research UK and Professor Chris Twelves from Leeds Institute of Molecular Medicine and St James's University Hospital in Leeds, have suggested a formation of an urgent legislation to stop children in England from using sunbeds.

The researchers realized the urgency of the situation after assessing two studies carried out by Cancer Research UK which included over 9000 children aged 11-17 in England.

The first, a national prevalence study of 3101 children, established that 6 percent of 11-17 year olds had used a sunbed, the average age of first use being just 14.

Similarly, in the second study of 6209 children in six cities, sunbed use was highest in Liverpool and Sunderland, reaching 51percent and 48 percent respectively among 15-17 year old girls, with over 40percent using them weekly. (ANI)

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