Oz club denies entry to metrosexuals dressed like Becks over violence fears!

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Melbourne, November 12 (ANI): A popular club in Australia is turning away metrosexuals with "sports jock mentality" in a bid to keep out violence.

Promoter Scott Mellor, 27, who brought the Perth-based event Dorcia to Melbourne, said punters wearing trademark metrosexual attire such as low-cut V-neck T-shirts, skinny jeans and pointed white shoes, would not be allowed to enter the premises.

Posters advertising the Dorcia event hosted by city venue the Ding Dong Lounge warn patrons: "No metrosexual attire, no aggression, no problems."

Men sporting pointed leather shoes, shirts with numbers on them, tight T-shirts, polo shirts with popped collars, blond tips or dyed rats' tails would also be disappointed.

"We are really trying to push a party night that is a safe place to go and have a good time without worrying about safety," the Herald Sun quoted Mellor as saying.

"We wanted to shed light on the problems with nightlife in Australia. We took everything that we disliked about going out to clubs and inverted it ... no dressing up like David Beckham.

"We are about creating an environment where people can be comfortable and confident," he added.

Mellor continued: "We are not turning away people who look after themselves, wear product in their hair or dress with a degree of style.

"We are simply providing a venue for people who don't subscribe to the standards of 90 per cent of other clubs."

Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commissioner Dr Helen Szoke, however, said service cannot be based on discrimination.

She said: "It is against the law to refuse a person service on the basis of age, sex, physical features, race and a range of other characteristics." (ANI)

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