Now, apples that don't rot

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London, Nov 10 (ANI): A team of scientists in Australia has claimed to have developed a new variety of apple which can stay fresh for months.

According to researchers at Queensland Primary Industries and Fisheries (QPIF), a department of the Queensland government, RS103-130 might not have quite the same ring as popular varieties such as Golden Delicious, Pink Lady or Braeburn, but it is "the world's best apple" thanks to its sweet taste, longevity and ability to resist disease, reports The Independent.

The boffins claim that the apple, which is a deep red in colour, stays "crispy" for up to 14 days if kept in a fruit bowl, and if stored in a fridge it can remain edible for four months.

Tim Mulherin, Queenland's primary industries minister, said: "This new variety is sweet. It ticks the other boxes too because it is disease resistant, so requires few or no fungicides. Initial taste tests have been outstanding. Out of the five apple types tasted, the new variety scored the highest."

The RS103-130 variety is not genetically modified and has a naturally strong resistance to apple scab, also known as black spot, a disease caused by the fungus venturia inaequalis which affects both the foliage and fruit.

The apple is produced conventionally using a gene from the Asiatic apple variety Malus floribunda which has a proven resistance to black spot. (ANI)

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