Balooch leaders rubbish Islamabad's blame of India fomenting terror

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New Delhi, Nov 7 (ANI): Dr Wahid Baloch, who is the head of Baloch society of North America has rubbished Pakistan's allegation that India is fuelling insurgency in Balochistan.

Talking to ANI, Dr Baloch said, " Well if India has helped Baloch people, then Baloch people would not be suffering in the hands of the Pakistani Islamic Jehadi army.

"Infact, these allegations are baseless and they are just being promoted to hide the Pakistani crimes against Baloch nation. Baloch people are suffering in the hands of Pakistan and Pakistani military," he added.

Wahid Baloch asks Pakistan to tell the world what they have done to balcohis rather than pointing fingers on the neighboring countries.

According to Dr. Baloch, Pakistani forces and especially its secret service the ISI, are engaged in gross human rights violations in the region. He claims that many nationalists have been killed, tortured, women were raped and chemical bombing was applied.

Baloch said "Pakistan is a terrorist state, there is no doubt it. Pakistan continues to terrorize its own citizen, especially Baloch people. We are victim of Pakistani state terrorism for the last 60 years that has not been reduced or abated. It's still going on. On the other hand Pakistan is producing terrorist, Islamic extremism and terrorism through its ISI funded sponsored Madarassas and institution. They are exporting terrorism to bleed people in the neighborhood like India, Afghanistan or any one else."

Managing Director of Balochistan's first television Channel "Baloch Voice" Munir Mengal who was held by Pakistani Intelligence agencies and tortured also reveals that Taliban Shura is still very much present in the region and entire secretariat of Taliban is established in Quetta and these elements are backed and supported by Pakistani Establishment and the ISI.

In an interview, Munir told ANI "Actually ISI and Pakistani armed forces, they were the creator of Taliban and they used all these forces against Baloch. During the 80s we see that they say Baloch are communist so they imposed Taliban on us.

"They funded religious, political parties; religious terrorist organization and they built thousands of Madarassas in our region to combat us. For that purpose they brought lot of fundamentalist Taliban into Quetta. From that time they built headquarters and many things. Even many of those places are no go area for us. They have secretariat of Talibans, where they have top Talibani officials. They come and go and they do each and every thing," Munir added.

In another startling revelation Munir said that "Mega port at Gwader which is built with Chinese assistance on the Makran coast will be used as a launching pad to orchestrate international terrorism in future".

He said Pakistan would use its nuclear weapons as a threat to the international community.

"With respect to the Gwader they have more then one thousand thirty thousand acres of land at the naval base camp there. They will use it as a launching pad and it's threat for you all. They might use it for great cause of Islamization", he added. By Naveen Kapoor (ANI)

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