500-pound Breastox' lifts bust in just 30 minutes!

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London, Nov 7 (ANI): Women will no longer have to undergo painful and lengthy boob jobs, thanks to 'Breastox' which allows girls to boost their busts in just 30 minutes.

The 500-pound treatment includes Botox injections that promise to give women a curvier look.

The procedure, offered by cosmetic surgery group Transform Clinic, starts with patients having anaesthetic cream rubbed into their boobs.

They then receive 12 injections of Botox in their pectoralis minor chest muscle.

The jabs, which "leave the breast women lift sagging cleavage Daily area smooth and taut", need topping up every six months to maintain the effect.

It would be ideal for girls who want to give themselves a temporary lift for a special occasion such as a wedding.

The group says it works best on A and B-cups.

"Botox is now an accepted form of anti-ageing for the face, but our practitioners are constantly researching new ways it can be used to create a more youthful look on other parts of the body," the Daily Star quoted non-surgical group manager Gwen Davies as saying.

"Women who have had Breastox have experienced fantastic results, including smoother skin and tighter, firmer breasts, especially when combined with other non-surgical treatments.

"Wrinkles on the chest area are a dead giveaway to a lady's age, and sun worshippers are most likely to get wrinkles," Davies added.

However, Fazel Fatah, president-elect of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, said injections were no substitute for surgery to reshape and reposition breast tissue. (ANI)

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