Oldest known spider webs date back to 140 million years

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Washington, October 31 (ANI): Scientists have discovered the oldest known silken spider webs preserved in amber, dating back to some 140 million years.

The viscous tree sap flowed over the spider webs before hardening and preserving the contents, which were discovered in Sussex, England.

Other bits sealed up in the amber included plant matter, insect droppings and ancient microbes.

"These turn out to be the earliest webs that have ever been incorporated in the fossil record to our knowledge," said lead researcher Martin Brasier, a paleontologist at the University of Oxford.

Brasier and colleagues used a computer technique called confocal microscopy to reconstruct the webs and examine the interweaving silk threads.

Various clues, including threads that were twisted and coated with sticky fluid droplets, suggest that the webs were spun by spiders closely related to modern-day orb-web garden spiders.

"These spiders are distinctive and leave little sticky droplets along the spider web threads to trap prey," Brasier said. "We actually have the sticky droplets preserved within the amber," he added.

The web analysis also gave insights about the spider's diet.

"I would guess, from the form of the web, that it was feeding on flying insects like flies and the ancestors of bees, wasps and moths," Brasier told Live Science. (ANI)

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