Pak may divert US funds: Tharoor

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Washington, Oct 26: Expressing concern over the financial and military aid provided by US to Pakistan, Minister of State for External affair, Shashi Tharoor in an interview to CNN said the Pakistan might use it to enrich its artillery against India.

"We have actually applauded the US supporting Pakistan on two things. First is its own economic development, and the second is equipping it to overcome the homegrown horror of terrorism. But our bitter experience over the last 25 years has been, ever since the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, money gets poured in from Washington into Islamabad, and a colossally high percentage of it is actually spent, not on the purposes that Washington intends, but to buy tanks and planes and artillery aimed directly at India," he added.

Tharoor said that despite India's repeated attempt to maintain peace Pakistan has always responded in negative to its effort. But he added that India wants to maintain peace and deep relationship with its neighbor.

"Pakistan needs peace as much as we do. When will they come to the realisation that it's in their interest to end this unproductive approach?" Tharoor exclaimed.

Asked whether Pakistan military is responsible for the recent attacks on Indian Embassy in Kabul, he said that instead of engaging in a blame game, India would prefer a 'conclusive investigation' on the issue.

Expressing that Pakistan should soften its stand against India, he said that Pakistan would benefit from accepting India's friendly overtures and like India can become a successful and prosperous nation.

"I would advised Pakistan not to be fearful but to accept the overtures and join the party", he said,referring to the nation trading status offered to Pakistan in mid-90s.

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