YSR was assassinated, claims local daily

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Hyderabad, Oct 21: Raising several questions on the sudden demise of the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, YS Rajashekhara Reddy, a local daily Sakshi on Tuesday, Oct 20 carried a banner story which concluded that YSR was assassinated.

The daily which is owned by the Chief Minister's family brought to light several loopholes in the way the Chief Minister is believed to have died.

The newspaper termed the high drama that followed after the death as 'masala' which would not have taken place if YSR's son YS Jaganmohan Reddy was not in the scene. The report also claimed that Jagan and Co may be building up pressure on Congress high command this way.

The story raised three major questions including Bhanu, the key person in CM peshi leaving to his native place, the sacking of state aviation academy chief Brahmananda Reddy and the fact that no details of the cockpit voice recorder were revealed till date.

About 10 days ago, Bhanu rejected the offer to extend this term and left to Assam. The news report suggests that Bhanu chose to leave as he feared and was troubled by the possibility that the truth about YSR's death would come out.

Before Bhanu left, there was news that Aviation Academy Chief of Andhra Pradesh, Dr KV Bramhananda Reddy was suspended over not being able to arrange helicopter for the acting CM, K Rosaih. Quoting sources, the report points out that the this was not a concrete reason to suspend an official.

Brahmananda Reddy who is known to be a close aide of the YSR was seen as a threat to the secret. Bhanu and others behind the death could not feel secure with Brahmananda Reddy in the chair and therefore he was suspended, says the report.

Apart from this, the details in cockpit voice recorder have not been revealed till date. Recently, a TV channel tried to report what was recorded in cockpit recorder just a few days after YSR"s chopper crash.

It was revealed that YSR was heard screaming loudly and also yelling at pilot with words like 'idiot". But after a while there was no scrolling on the channel.

When the channel tried to enquire further into this, the authorities had asked the channel to leave the matter at that and not report any further on cockpit recorder.

Several questions still remain unanswered. Why was YSR yelling at the pilot? Did he understand that some conspiracy was going on just a few minutes before chopper crash?

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