World's smallest man still 'too young' for title, says Guinness

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London, Oct 17 (ANI): The 22-inch tall Nepali teenager will have to wait for at least another year to be crowned the world's smallest man, as the Guinness has estimated that he is only 17 years old.

Khagendra Thapa Magar had contacted the Guinness World Records in 2006 through the Dwarf Association of Nepal claiming to be the shortest man in the world.

Magar was just 20 inches tall at that time, a good nine inches shorter than current record holder He Pingping of China.

However, he was not 18 and was not given the title.

Magar, who has added a couple of inches in the last three years, has now made a fresh claim for recognition by the Guinness as he says he has turned 18.

He hopes to gain worldwide fame as the world's smallest man and wants travel to "Japan, London and America" as well as wed a girl of the same height.

Times Online quoted Magar as saying: "God is great. He made me small in size but has now given me big name. What else could I have asked for.

"Suddenly ridicule has turned into praise. Earlier people used to make fun of me. Now they congratulate me."

"I keep on telling my father to find me a small wife... Now it's up to him to find a right match. I would love to have children but have not yet decided about the numbers," he adds.

However, the Guinness is still unrelenting.

Guinness World Records stated on their blog: "We are in possession of Khagendra's birth registration certificate, his certification of citizenship and his identity card. On the Nepali calendar, Khagendra was born on Asoj 18, 2049 which equates to October 4, 1992. This makes him 6,220 days old (as of today, October 15, 2009) or 17 years, 11 days."

The Guinness added: "We are once again in touch with Khangendra and his family and have asked for re-confirmation of his birthday, on the off chance that there has been some misunderstanding. We are very excited to learn of this little Nepalese claimant - and have been for a few years now. But until we can clear up the discrepancy, the holder of the title of world's smallest mobile man remains with He Pingping." (ANI)

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