Forget Swedish "lesbian city", Alice Springs in Oz is haven for lesbians!

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Melbourne, Oct 9 (ANI): Blokes looking for a "lesbian city" in Sweden should now turn their heads towards Australia, for the town of Alice Springs is being promoted as the lesbian gem of the country.

Phil Walcott from Gay and Lesbian Tourism Australia said that Alice Springs is the lesbian capital of the nation because of its high per-capita residency, according to the Northern Territory News.

"Alice is a wonderland," quoted Walcott as saying.

His comments come in line with reports that Swedish tourism bodies have been bombarded with inquiries from tourists captivated by a mythical town rumoured to be home to 25,000 sex-mad lesbians.

Following reports in Chinese press, millions of men jammed the country's internet circles to look for the whereabouts of the town of Chako Paul City in Sweden.

"I've no idea where this came from but it's not true," Swedish local authorities' spokesman Claes Bertilson said of the rumoured "lesbian city".

While the rumours of the fictitious city were laid to rest, the same cannot be said for Alice Springs.

A recent television documentary called Destiny in Alice said the town became a "haven" for lesbians after several hundred women marched on the Pine Gap intelligence base in 1983.

"Many of the participants in the protests were lesbians who came, saw and decided to stay. Since then, the town of Alice Springs has become a haven for lesbians," said the ABC. (ANI)

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