Brit septuagenarian grows new skull, 50 years after car crash

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London, Oct 7 (ANI): A septuagenarian Briton, who had his skull removed after an accident in the 1950s, has left doctors gob-smacked after they found out that he had miraculously grown a new skull.

Pensioner Gordon Moore, 72, had to wear a metal plate to protect his brain for more than 50 years after the car crash.

However, when surgeons removed the titanium plate to treat an infection, they were astonished to find that he had grown a new skull underneath.

The whole smashed front section of Gordon's skull, from his eye to his ear, backwards to the top of his head, has regenerated.

A skull growing back is a rare feat, and there has been only one other discovery like this in the world.

Great-grandfather Gordon, who used to run a post office in North Shields, was expecting to wait months for a replacement plate.

But now he doesn't need one anymore, thanks to the medical wonder that has given him a new lease of life.

"I was amazed when they told me and obviously very pleased at the same time," the Telegraph quoted Gordon, who now lives in Hexham, as saying.

"They took the infected plate out and found I had grown a completely new skull underneath, so they just stitched me up.

"I've been reassured that everything is fine, but apparently it's very, very rare. They were totally amazed," he added. (ANI)

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