Berlusconi knew I was a prostitute, says D'Addario

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London, Oct 2 (ANI): The prostitute at the center of Silvio Berlusconi's sex scandal gave out intimate details of their purported encounter on live TV.

Patrizia D'Addario appeared on a prime time RAI talk show hosted by Michele Santoro, a one-time center-left European Parliamentarian.

D'Addario, who at 42 is more than 30 years Berlusconi's junior, said she only turned to audio tapes of what she says was a night she and Berlusconi spent together because she was questioned about it by prosecutors, reports The Independent.

She says she recorded the tapes to protect herself.

While on TV, she dismissed the Prime Minister's claims that he was unaware that she was a call girl.

"He knew - everyone at the parties knew," she said in reference to the now infamous gatherings the media mogul premier hosted in Rome and Sardinia.

Berlusconi dismissed the show as a "criminal use of public television". "Inviting a prostitute on to throw mud at the prime minister is a disgrace," he had earlier told La Stampa newspaper.

The Italian leader denies having paid for sex, and has dismissed claims by his estranged wife that he frequents minors, including oemi Letizia, An aspiring model whose 18th birthday party he attended. (ANI)

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