Brit woman hires hydraulic lift to rescue pet parrot from tree!

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London, Sep 28 (ANI): A Brit woman had to hire a hydraulic lift to rescue her pet parrot Cleo, who flew 50 feet up a tree and got stuck. The 13-year-old macaw had become distressed after a recent house move, and escaped from Miss Hooper's garden and flew up a nearby tree.

But the bird got a panic attack due to the height, and refused to come down when coaxed.

Its owner, Emma Hooper failed to get the fire brigade or RSPCA, and had to thus pay for a cherry picker.

However, she was told that the lift wouldn't arrive until the next day.

So the 27-year-old lady kept an all-night vigil by the tree.

Hooper said that her recent move from Guildford, Surrey, to Botley, near Southampton, Hants, could have something to do with Cleo's escape.

"She's never flown at that height before and I think she was scared - she didn't know how to get down," the Telegraph quoted her as saying.

"People might think I'm daft but Cleo is my baby - she's so loyal and loving and I've got a wonderful bond with her.

"Seeing her so high up and unable to get down really panicked me," she added.

Cleo was finally lifted to safety when the cherry picker turned up at 7.30am the next morning - 16 hours after the bird first became stuck.

"Cleo seemed relieved to see me - she clung on to me for dear life. It was such a relief to get her in my arms, I'm glad to have her back safely," said Hooper. (ANI)

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