Britons just three bed hops away from a celeb romp

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London, Sep 25 (ANI): Cambridge University researchers say that sex-loving Britons are just three beds away from sleeping with a celebrity, based on the famous 'Six Degrees of Separation' theory.

They have calculated that every person in the UK is linked to a star through their sexual partners - with just three steps separating the average person from a steamy celeb romp.

The theory claims that if every person is one step away from each person they know, and two steps away from each person their pals know, then everyone on earth is just six steps from any other person.

The saucy study analysed data from 4,000 people for MTV's new Sex Degrees of Separation show.

It found one in five participants to claim that they would sleep with a star simply because they were famous, while one in 20 already claimed to have bedded a celeb.

The findings also revealed that Londoners were the most likely to sleep with a star, with Scots the least impressed by fame.

Over half of the celeb conquests were in the music business, as rock and pop stars were seen as the easiest celebs to pull.

Men are far more likely to be seduced by celeb sex, as over a third of blokes would be star-struck enough to sleep with a celeb, whereas only 15 per cent of women claimed the same.

The research also found young people are most likely to want to sleep with a celeb, with one third claiming they would, and one in five 19-21 year olds claimed they know who has slept with a celeb - double the national average.

A staggering 15 per cent of adults have admitted to going to pubs and clubs where they know stars will be with the aim of bagging a celebrity date, but only one in ten people over 36 would sleep with a famous star.

"Fame is a powerful aphrodisiac and it's getting more potent. We might be in awe of celebrities, but we should never forget that it's a really small world when it comes to sex, and many people are more intimately linked than you might think," the Sun quoted Georgia Arnold, MTV spokeswoman as saying.

Salvatore Scellato, computer scientist at Cambridge University who analysed the research, explains: "Based on the data, we're just three bed hops away from sex with a celeb.

MTV's Sex Degrees of Separation will premiere on MTV on Sunday 27th September. (ANI)

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