Buffalo fighting draws hundreds in Himachal Pradesh

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Mashobara (HP), Sep 18 (ANI): Raging he-buffaloes locked horns in Himachal Pradesh to add zest to a post-harvest fair.

Unlike Spain's famed bullfights where a matador parades his skills against a bull, the Indian version sees a pair of enraged buffaloes pitted against each other.

Hundreds thronged the Sayar fair in Mashobara town to enjoy the spectacle.

The owners goaded the buffaloes as they gored each other and the mightier ones forced their opponents to run off to emerge victorious.

Hundreds of spectators cheered in anticipation as the specially reared animals were brought to the ring.

Notwithstanding opposition from wildlife activists, the fair is being held for years in honour of Hindu Goddess, Bhadarkali.

"The fair is being held here for ages in honour of Goddess Bhadarkali. People from 12 village councils get their buffaloes and make them fight at the fair," said Balak Ram, organiser. Foreign tourists said they enjoyed the spectacle.

"I think it gives the local people a little joy and keep the animals under pretty good control. And I have heard that there is not too much trouble to the animals. A little natural bull fighting should not hurt the buffaloes and the people should be educated to keep the animals out of danger and harm," said David, a tourist from Israel.

Legend has it that Goddess Bhadrakali, an incarnation of Durga killed a demonic buffalo, which had created havoc in the region.

To respect the Goddess' feat, buffalo fights are organised in the region every year. (ANI)

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