A Q Khan's nukes to Iran claims hold no 'official status': Pak diplomat

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Washington, Sep.10 (ANI): Hours after disgraced Pakistani nuclear scientist Dr AQ Khan claimed that Pakistan had helped Iran acquire the nuclear technology with the aim to jointly emerge as a 'strong bloc' in the region, a Pakistani diplomat has out rightly rejected Khan's claims.

Spokesman of the Pakistani Embassy in Washington, Nadeem Kiyani, said Khan's statement has no 'official status'.These are the views of a person who has been rendered ineffective, and his network has been completely shut up," The Nation quoted Kiyani, as saying.

Kiyani said Islamabad does not want proliferation of nuclear technology in the region and is doing everything to keep a tab on such activities.

Meanwhile, a proliferation expert has said that Dr. Khan has many secrets regarding the transfer of nuclear know-how's to other countries, but is not willing to disclose the details.

"Khan has 'always threatened to tell more, perhaps who authorised the transfer of designs and samples of technology, if not more, to several states," said Stephen Cohen, a proliferation expert at the Brookings Institution.

Referring to the television interview in which Khan had disclosed that he provided nuclear details to countries like Libya and Iran with an aim to counter international pressure and 'neutralize' Israeli power, Cohen said: "Khan appeared to hold back a lot in the interview." (ANI)

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