Fasting Muslims count on rosary meter

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Varanasi, Sep 9 (ANI): Fasting during Ramadan, the devout Muslims have got Japanese digitised rosary meters to help them keep a count of Allah they chant during the fast in India's northern Varanasi.

The gadget is the latest attraction among an assortment of things, which are being sold during the ongoing fasting month.

The hand-held tiny rosary meter is becoming popular among Muslims who pray and chant the name of Allah as it would help them remember the number they have counted.

"Earlier we used to use a rosary made of 100 plastic beads for chanting the name of Allah. If we would talk to someone while chanting, we would get confused and forget the last number we counted. But this rosary meter shows the last number we stopped at to talk to someone while chanting...So we would know which number to restart the chanting from," said Mohammed Wasim, a shopkeeper.

Theses handy meters, available at Rs 250 each.

"This rosary meter is good. I had bought about three of them. When people saw these rosary meters they asked me to buy for them as well. So I have come here to buy these high-tech rosaries for them," said Mohammed Israel, another shopkeeper.

The rosary machine is very light and comes with a digital meter. The faithful can chant the name of Allah 10,000,00 times without making an error in the number of counting. They can stop in between to do other chores and then pick up from the number they had left at. (ANI)

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