Now, an 'unsinkable' biscuit made from potato!

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London, Sept 3 (ANI): Dunking biscuits in your tea could soon be history, thanks to the "unsinkable" biscuit.

Chef Felice Tocchini claims to have created a snack that can be dipped in tea for up to two minutes without breaking.

The 'Worcester Feast Dunker' is held together with slithers of sweet potato.

It is made by layering flour and oat-based dough to build strength and has an egg-based glaze on top, reports The Sun.

Tocchini, 44, who runs the Fusion Brasserie restaurant in Worcester, said: "The intention was to make something tasty that when you dunk it in your tea it won't fall apart.

"We tried a lot of different mixtures trying to make sure the biscuit wouldn't break up and die in the cup - it's virtually unsinkable.

"The trouble with ordinary biscuits is that they were never designed to be dunked a few seconds in hot tea or coffee and they simply disintegrate.

"There is nothing more off-putting than biscuit mush at the bottom of your mug.

"The Worcester Feast Dunker is made for dunking, and can be submerged in tea or coffee for twice as long as ordinary biscuits before it breaks up.

"I'm very pleased with the result and they taste lovely. But I'm keeping the recipe quiet."

The biscuit will be unveiled at the three-day Worcester Feast food and drink festival, starting on Saturday. (ANI)

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