Visit Chandigarh's international dolls museum to relive childhood

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Chandigarh, Aug.8 (ANI): Visiting a doll museum could be a joy of different sort. Taking out a few hours to visit such a place along with family on any given day can feel like having revisited the joys of childhood.

Chandigarh's International Dolls Museum is a place that can fascinate the hidden child in us. We come to realize this fact only after visiting this place.

All spruced up and renovated, this museum houses dolls that reflect the art and culture of various countries.

As we step into the museum inside Bal Bhavan in Chandigarh's Sector 23, it feels as if hundreds of dolls smile back at us.

Set up in 1985, the museum is home to over 350 dolls brought here from 28 countries. It was the brainchild and initiative of Rotarian R. K. Saboo, who would bring back a doll from every country he visited for the children of Chandigarh.

Dressed in traditional costumes, the dolls originally belong to countries like Argentina, Austria, Belgium, France, Russia, USA, Germany, Finland, and Israel.

The museum has recently been renovated and now wears a new look and feel.

"We have taken one doll from one country and each country has a description about their culture, population so that the students who are most catered in this region, can come and have a look at a particular country and culture and dolls," said Vidya Nand Singh, Consultant with the International Dolls Museum in Chandigarh.

"Secondly Chandigarh Association is also promoting International Tourism. Keeping this in mind we used all information, which can be beneficial for the tourists in India and abroad. We have displayed Indian dolls from each state and the special attraction is the tribal dolls. As we know that India has a rich tribal culture and we have displayed 20 -25 dolls of various tribes in the country," Singh added.

The museum is divided into four section - international dolls, Indian dolls, activity corner, and history of dolls.

The Indian dolls have been collected from all states of the country and dressed up in area specific attires that showcase the culture and lifestyle of the region.

Also, an interesting section here belongs to dolls representing popular fairy-tale characters like Aladdin, Ali Baba, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow While. All of them have been designed and made by local artists.

The museum has been planned in such a way that it fascinates not only children but also people of all age groups.

"It is a pleasurable moment visiting here. We came to know about different country dresses and dolls. We also came to know from where Teddy Bear started and we came to know that the first Teddy Bear was made in USA. There are so many dolls here and this place is especially good for the kids," said Ruhi, a visitor.

"It is a good concept and we get to know a lot about culture and dresses of people across the world. We got to know about different countries and their dresses. It is a good outing," said Kamal, another visitor.

The Chandigarh administration intends to make the International Dolls Museum one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the city.

However, it has a long way to go before it can match other international dolls museums in the country. By Sunil Sharma(ANI)

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