Mehsud's death dispels Islamabad's 'US-India combine dismember Pakistan' conspiracy theory

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Islamabad, Aug. 8 (ANI): The killing of Pak-Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud in a US drone strike has not only closed another chapter of terrorism, but it has also dispelled the Pakistani thesis claiming that Mehsud was operating at the behest of a US-India combine because those countries wanted to dismember Pakistan, an editorial in the Daily Times says.

Mehsud, who was the main plank between Al Qaeda and the several sectarian and terrorist groups, had emerged as the biggest menace for Pakistan attacking soft and hard targets in the tribal areas as well as across Pakistan.

Before his last days, he had become the centre of gravity, forcing the security forces to fight several small wars on the periphery.

His death therefore sends a clear signal to the Taliban that their headquarters are not safe. No matter how rough and difficult the terrain, superior technology will be used to blunt the terrorists' advantage, the editorial notes.

However, it should not be considered as the beginning of the end of menace in Pakistan's tribal areas, it adds.

There is every possibility that the Taliban and their sleeper cells will mount a string of attacks across Pakistan to avenge Mehsud's killing. So, before it begins to get better, it could get worse, the editorial warns.

Besides, Mehsud was just a prop being used by al-Qaeda to act as go-between itself and the several extremist groups. Now that Mehsud is gone, the terror outfit may choose another right person and back him with resources, it adds.

Similarly, given that Mehsud did get taken out by a drone despite much precaution, the Taliban are likely to become more cautious in avoiding a similar fate for their next leader.

Also, Pakistan had long insisted that it couldn't take care of groups that are sustaining the insurgency in Afghanistan because it has to deal with the menace of Mehsud.

Islamabad will now have to revisit that argument. With elections coming up in Afghanistan, the US would want Pakistan to help it maintain security in Afghanistan by ensuring, as far as Pakistan can, that groups operating from the Pakistani soil are neutralised, it concludes. (ANI)

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