Window design can cut indoor electricity needs by 99pc in Tropics

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Washington, Aug 1 (ANI): Improved window designs and positioning that could let in more light can cut indoor lighting needs by up to 99pct in Tropical regions, say researchers.

In Tropical regions daylighting leads to a significant rise in temperature, which has to be countered by air-conditioning if the occupants are to remain cool and comfortable.

This in turn consumes about 80pct of the total electricity consumption for the building.

The research team led by Lerdlekha Tanachaikhan, from School of Environment, Resources and Development, at the Asian Institute of Technology in Pathumtani, Thailand has developed a formula for tropical sky climate conditions that allows them to assess different window configurations for daylighting.

The formula takes into account glass type, solar and visible light transmittance and reflectance, shading coefficient and the heat insulation value.

The formula shows that for a city, such as Bangkok, the potential for daylighting is high and could cut daytime electric lighting requirements significantly.

The team suggests that for more than 95pct of the occupancy period of a typical office building, daylight alone would suffice for lighting with the appropriate window configuration.

The researchers suggest that daylighting and shading effects can be optimized by using their formula and choosing appropriate windows size and positioning as well as other parameters, such as glazing transmittance.

The study appears in the International Journal of Engineering Systems Modelling and Simulation this month. (ANI)

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