Sarkozy claims he, wife Carla don't get out much

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London, July 30 (ANI): After a recent health scare, French President Nicolas Sarkozy has revealed that he and his wife Carla Bruni hardly ever go out and would rather stay in.

Sarkozy, 54, spoke with journalists on the steps of the Elysée Palace following rumours of ill health after he collapsed while jogging on July 26, and he insisted that there was nothing to it and that he just needed rest.

He said that according to the medical advice he got, he would not have to change much, as he and his 41-year-old wife lead a Spartan lifestyle.

"'Frankly, my wife and I never go out in the evening, we never go to dinner parties, I don't drink, as you know, I don't smoke cigarettes, even if I have a weakness for a cigar from time to time, and therefore I don't need a considerable structural change," Times Online quoted him as saying.

Although Sarkozy is known to be a teetotaller and a non-smoker, his claims came as a surprise to commentators, who have portrayed him as a stalwart of the Parisian dinner-party circuit.

On why he had collapsed, Sarkozy had a simple explanation for it.

"I ran out of petrol," he said.

"I wanted to tell the French that my health was good. I am a human being, I got tired. Was it due to dehydration, to heat, to tiredness? I don't know. I've run thousands of times like that without anything at all going wrong.

"'I'm always careful about what I eat, the way I nourish myself and I will continue like that.

"I simply need to rest," added the President, who looked tanned but drawn, with dark rings under his eyes. (ANI)

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