Mum whose 13 kids were taken into care won't stop till she can keep one

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London, July 30 (ANI): A British woman, who has given birth to 13 children and is pregnant with her 14th, has vowed to carry on giving birth until social workers let her and partner keep one.

Theresa Winters, 36, who lives on benefits in Luton, Beds, and her jobless partner Toney Housden, 36, have had each and every one of their children taken into care by social workers, as they were found to "lack parenting ability".

"We're not giving up. For every child they take away from me, I'm going to have another one," the Sun quoted her as saying.

The couple had admitted to having problems and being "aggressive" in the past, but they now insist they are now capable of raising a youngster.

"We just want to be a family. I won't stop until they let me keep one," Winters said.

Critics have branded the couple's actions as "scandalous" and "outrageous", with pressure group the Taxpayers' Alliance calling Winters "extremely irresponsible" as it emerged the cost of the care has run into millions of pounds - paid from the public purse.

The two live in a one-bedroom council flat on benefits totalling 1,100 pounds a month, and all they have of the children are a handful of photos and 13 birth certificates.

"We are strangers to those kids but maybe one day they will come looking for us. I hope they do," Housden said.

They have asked the council about the possibility of another pre-birth assessment this time around, but they say there has been no response.

"We are being treated like murderers," Winters said.

"If this one is taken away from me I will try for another one. I don't want to because of my health. But we so desperately want to be a little family.

"I want them to give us a chance. If we can't cope I will be the first to admit that and we will never try for children again. But I really think we can do it this time," she added.

Ex-Shadow Home Secretary Ann Widdecombe expressed her concern.

"It's scandalous this woman has had so many children. But what can you do? There is nothing the State can do to stop her," she said.

Fellow Tory MP Philip Davies blamed it on the culture of the country.

"This is a totally outrageous case and clearly highlights the dependency culture that exists in this country," he stated.

Mark Wallace, of the Taxpayers' Alliance, added: "It's unfair for this mum to simply keep having children in the full knowledge they will be taken into care." (ANI)

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