Being an illegal French migrant to UK could make you 1700 pounds richer!

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London, July 28 (ANI): Believe it or not, being an illegal French migrant in the United Kingdom could make you 1700 pounds richerUnder a scheme, illegal migrants lining up in France to enter Britain will be offered 1,700 pounds each and a free flight home.

Funded by British and French taxpayers, the Global Calais Scheme could cost millions.

But last night, there were fears it would attract more poverty-hit people to the French port, The Sun reports.

There are concerns that criminals could also cash in, as no official paperwork would be needed to get the handout and there would be little to stop anyone from turning up to claim again.

The scheme was outlined by regional head, prefect Pierre de Bousquet.

He said: "The solution that we advocate is voluntary repatriation. This procedure is the one we wish most of all to see implemented.

"Each person will receive the sum of 2,000 euros - and in most of the places where these people come from, that is not nothing." (ANI)

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