Miliband launches new Pak strategy to solve terror problem in Britain's own backyard

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Islamabad, July 10 (ANI): British Foreign Secretary David Miliband's fifth visit to the country in the recent past had no meeting-specific agenda, which, according to analysts, is part of a new diplomatic move aimed at developing closer ties with the Pakistani people to solve the problem of terrorism in Britain's own backyard.

Some analysts consider Miliband's visit very important in the view of the intelligence reports which said that almost three quarters of the terrorist attacks perpetrated on British soil had links with Pakistan.

According to diplomatic observers, Miliband's itinerary envisaged a new Western approach which promotes moderate Islam to counter the expanding terror threat, The Dawn reports.

During his three day stay in Pakistan, Miliband visited refugee camps in the war-hit Swat Valley and prominent shrines and mosques.

Miliband also visited a madrassa is Multan and interacted with students there.

Miliband, on his blog, also suggested that it was very important for London to back the moderates in Pakistan to counter the expanding threat.

"The issue is not religion but violent extremism. I think it is important to get a smell of the cultural history. The historic diversity within this land belies the homogeneity that comes out in population statistics," he wrote.

Islamabad too backed the British Foreign Secretary's new diplomatic move.

"This is a good attempt on part of the British government to reach out to the people of Pakistan and demonstrate seriousness in understanding real issues facing our country and see the moderate face of Islam, particularly Sufi traditions and rich cultural heritage," the Foreign Office spokesman Abdul Basit said. (ANI)

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