Asia's largest artificial lake drying up due to insufficient rains

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Bhopal, June 9 (ANI): Asia's largest and oldest man-made lake is on the verge of drying up due to insufficient rains in Bhopal.

Upper lake, which is also known as 'Bada Talab', is the major source of potable water for the residents of Bhopal. But, now the residents are grappling with shortage of water in the region.

Earlier, the total length of the lake was 38 kilometer, but now it is shockingly reduced to five kilometer.

Residents and tourists who earlier took pride in visiting the lake are now upset regarding the condition of the lake.

"This is Asia's largest lake. I am born and brought up here. I have not seen the condition of the lake like this before. It has dried so much, " said Sunil, a resident.

The life of the people in Bhopal is very much centralised around the lake.

People are culturally and religiously attached to the lake. The idols of gods and goddesses are also immersed in the lake during religious festivals.

The local administration has advised devotees not to do so during festivals.

Steps are being taken by the authorities to conserve the lake but the much-awaited are the rains can act as the saviour.

"Municipality is doing whatever they can but it is only the rains that can save the lake right now. Rains are very much needed," said Ramdayal Prajapati, chairman, Municipal Council.

This beautiful water body was constructed in 11th century by the then King Bhoj.

According to the legend, King Bhoj constructed this gigantic lake that cured his skin disease. By Ram Chand Sahu (ANI)

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