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Russian police find Mawgli girl in Siberia

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Moscow, May 30: In a shocking case Russian police rescued a five-year-old girl named Natasha from a flat in the Siberian city of Chita who was living with a group of dogs and cats.

Natasha was dressed in filthy clothes and barked at people and was displaying all the attributes of an animal. She had been shut up in a flat for five years with only cats and dogs for company. She laps her food from her plate like animals and cannot hold spoon or fork says the media reports.

She is currently undergoing treatment in a rehabilitation centre. Natasha's parents had no contact with the girl for almost two years. Both of her parents are arrested for neglect of the child.

This is not the first incident of this kind.

Another Russian child, Andrei Tolstyk, was discovered in 2004, aged seven, after being abandoned by his parents when he was only three months old. He survived with the help of his family's guard dog, who looked after him as if he was a puppy. As a result, he walked on all fours, bit people who came near him, and sniffed at his food before eating it.

In 1991, John Ssebunya, an Ugandan boy called the 'Monkey Boy' was found living with a pack of monkeys. His knees were almost white because h had been walking on them. John had fled to the jungle when he was only three after his father murdered his mother and was living with

In 1920, two little girls were spotted with a pack of adult wolves in remote countryside in Midnapore, India. They were tracked down to a wolf den, where they were found with a female wolf and two cubs. When they were taken to an orphanage, a missionary named them Kamala and Amala.

They ate raw meat like dogs, howled but couldn't talk, had exceptional night vision, and walked on all fours.

And at the end of the 19th century, a young girl was found in a Bear's den in Jalpaiguri, in the east of India. She had been raised by a she-bear and behaved like bear. She tried to bite and scratch people, growled, and moved like a bear, using her arms as well as her legs. When she was taken to a hospital, she learned to walk, eat and drink like a human being.

The rehabilitation of such children depends on how much they knew before they were abandoned and how old they are.

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