Octuplets' family files for bankruptcy

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Washington, Jan 31: The family that recently welcomed six boys and two girls into their household, while already having 6 kids previously, had filed for bankruptcy and given up a home around a year-and-a-half ago.

The mother, who created history by giving birth to the octuplets and remains unidentified, has her previous children, between two and seven, living with her parents.

Her mum Angela Suleman, however, confirmed initial speculations that the octuplets' mum had undertaken a fertility program, and had embryos implanted.

"They all happened to take," CBS News quoted Suleman as telling the Los Angeles Times.

And according to claims made in the American talk show The Early Show, the mother and her kids reside in a neighbourhood of tiny one-story homes having two-to-three bedrooms at most.

It was further alleged that soon the 14 children and at least three adults would have to fit themselves in the 'tiny' home while the grandfather was apparently drawing plans to head back to his native Iraq to earn money for the growing family.

The clinic which carried out the implants and how they were paid for continue to remain a mystery.

Meanwhile, Michael Tucker, scientific director of Georgia Reproductive Specialists, further revealed on the show, that he was 'stunned' with the developments.

He said: "I'm stunned, actually, that a clinic would proceed to treat a patient in this circumstance and then even to get to perhaps the transfer of embryos and ponder the transfer in, I believe, the lady's mid-30s, a 35-year-old -- she should be receiving two embryos, maximum, as a transfer into her uterus to have had eight transferred is somewhat -- is extremely irresponsible."


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