Obama's 'magnetic appeal' doesn't let TV viewers' eyes wander

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London, January 31 (ANI): Tracking the eye movements of some people as they watched Barack Obama's inauguration on TV, a group of Scottish researchers found that the new U.S. President had a magnetic appeal on the viewers.

During their study, researchers at the University of Edinburgh observed that despite potential distractions like the Obama family and the rows of distinguished guests, the viewers' eyes remained fixed on the President for almost the entire time he was on screen.

The researchers revealed that TV viewers shifted their gaze only twice-first, when Chief Justice John Roberts fluffed his lines while administering the oath of office, and lastly, when Obama looked to his family at the end, and most viewers followed him.

"We usually move our eyes around three or four times a second without being aware," the Scotsman quoted Professor John Henderson, who led the research, as saying.

"The really interesting thing here was how little people's eyes wandered.

"Film directors and film editors spend a lot of time trying to direct our attention but in a video with no cuts and no editing, it was amazing how people focused on Obama.

"It was such a historic moment, and people probably wanted to see how he would react," he added.

His study has also cast light on how men and women watch moving images.

While both focus predominantly on faces, according to the researcher, women apparently tend to look more at other women's shoes and jewellery. (ANI)

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