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Brit youths have 'lowest levels of belonging' in Europe

By Super Admin

London, January 25 (ANI): British youths feel most estranged as compared to their European counterparts, reveals a new study.

According to the European happiness league table, Brits between 16- to 24-year-old age bracket had least levels of belonging and trust, and lacked behind those elsewhere in Europe who comparatively had more sense of meaning and community spirit.

The survey, created for the first time by the New Economics Foundation, further found young people in the UK were also less likely to share a close bond with their neighbours.

Amongst the 40,000 people questioned across the European continent, 42 percent of Brits claimed their beliefs in neighbourhood ideals while the figure fell to less than a third when it came to the youth.The New Economics Foundation accords the reason to the recession-hit economy and has called upon the government to concentrate more on "the things that really matter"."It is clear that our obsession with GDP has failed to deliver better quality of life for all. We need a better compass to guide us," the Telegraph quoted Nic Marks, founder of the NEF's Centre for Well-being, as saying.

"Governments have lost sight of the fact that their fundamental purpose is to improve the lives of their citizens.

"Instead they have become obsessed with maximising economic growth to the exclusion of other concerns, ignoring the impact that this has on people's well-being.

"The UK's long hours culture and record levels of personal debt, have squeezed out opportunities for individuals, families and communities to make choices and pursue activities that would best promote personal and social well-being."

The UK bagged the 13th spot out of 22 countries with Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden and Ireland wrapping up the top five personal and social well-being ratings.

The new 'happiness league table':

1. Denmark

2. Norway

3. Switzerland

4. Sweden

5. Ireland

6. Finland

7. Austria

8. Spain

9. Netherlands

10. Cyprus

11. Belgium

12. Germany

13. UK

14. Slovenia

15. Portugal

16. France

17. Poland

18. Estonia

19. Hungary

20. Bulgaria

21. Slovakia

22. Ukraine (ANI)

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