Life on Mars, no more a myth: NASA

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Washington, Jan 16: Presence of Methane Gas in Mars atmosphere could indicate life on Mars, says NASA scientists. Methane is a byproduct of microbial organisms and methane gas could either have biological or geological origins, said NASA at a press conference on Thursday, Jan 15 .

Nearly 19,000 tonnes of methane was detected using Earth-based telescopes based in Hawaii, which scanned 90 per cent of the Martian surface for seven years.

Methane Gas was found in the northern hemisphere of Mars during the Martian Summer and later disappeared.

Furthermore, NASA has found the gas in the same regions as clouds of water vapour, the vital 'drink' needed to support life.

John Murray, a member of the Mars Express European space probe team believes the mini-Martians may be in a form of suspended animation and could even be revived.

Prof Lisa Pratt, Director of the NASA astrobiology lead team, said the space agency needed to change its philosophy from looking for ancient life on Mars to looking for the possibility that life might still exist on the planet.

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