Taliban will support Pak in war with India: Mehsud

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Islamabad, Dec 23: Terrorist organisation Taliban, said on Tuesday, Dec 23 that they are ready to back Pakistan Army by deploying hundreds of suicide bombers in if India go for a military action against Pakistan.

Baitullah Mehsud, chief of the terrorist organisation Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, told this to Pakistan's newspaper 'The News' by phone from an undisclosed location.

He claimed that would be bombers had been "given suicide jackets and explosive-laden vehicles for protection of the border in case of any aggression by the Indian forces".

"The time had come, to wage a real jihad that the Taliban had been waiting for," Mehsud continued.

"We know very well that the visible and invisible enemies of the country have been planning to weaken this lone Islamic nuclear power. But the mujahideen will foil all such nefarious designs of our enemies," he said.

Mehsud admitted that Taliban has marshalled thousands of fighters close to the Afghan-Pak border, where Pakistani army has launched a major operation to flush them out.

Since Pakistan Army was fighting with Taliban, Mehsud wanted to clarify about his new support. People should doubt about our support.

"Therefore, I want to make it clear that the army was acting otherwise (in the past). But now it would fight for the protection and survival of the country, which is why we will support them," Mehsud said.

Mehsud revealed his concern about the western borders of Pakistan in his conversation to the newspaper. He said he wanted to "assure the nation, government and army that they should not worry about Pakistan's western borders with Afghanistan" as "thousands of his armed fighters had already been deployed to safeguard the strategically important frontier".

Taliban fighters are ready to fight under the army's command, he said, but remarked it would be better for the military to 'give them a separate sector or specify special targets for the militants'.

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