'Bureaucracy gone mad': Brit police learn how to climb 3ft ladders!

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London, December 23 (ANI): Brit police officers enrolled themselves in a two-hour health and safety course - to learn how to climb a 3ft ladder.

Lancashire cops had been stopped by health and safety inspectors from putting up electronic speed indicator signs, so that they could first learn how to install the signs without falling off their ladders.

The staff had been banned to move the 3,500-pound signs between locations for four months until they received special training, which also included suggestions on what type of ladder should be used and how to carry devices safely.

Those qualified to climb the steps had been told to don high-visibility jackets and leggings while installing signs in bad weather - in case passers bys bumped into their ladders.

"It's another example of the tail wagging the dog - of ­bureaucracy gone mad. It beggars belief that bureaucracy stands in the way of common sense, even when it concerns our police," the Daily Express quoted Lancaster and Wyre Tory MP Ben Wallace as saying.

Peter Clarke, who lives near one of the signs, said: "There is a lot of fuss over nothing going on here - you can't help but think it is people justifying their jobs by giving themselves some work."

Lancashire police added: "It is fair to say that risks associated with deployment of a Spid (speed indicator) sign have not changed, but the risks associated with working at height were not fully appreciated initially." (ANI)

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