'Buffling' is the new way of doing business

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London, Nov 25 : With more and more words not found in the English dictionary coming up, it was no surprise when the business world came up with the phrase 'buffling'.

The word buffling, which is short for business waffling, is a new phrase given to the jargon-fuelled wittering of jumped up management types or office staff keen to impress, reports the Sun.

Ramada Encore hotels commissioned the research carried out by YouGov, and it revealed that nearly half of working Britons think buffling is on the rise as workers try to suck up to their bosses.

Those who live in the East Midlands were found to be the biggest bufflers, with one in six saying that they buffle on a regular basis.

In contrast, people in Liverpool and people in the Northwest are the least tolerant of buffling with seven out of ten stating that they find it "very irritating".

Buffling is a technique, which does not take place only in the office, as it can stretch to the dressing room too.

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