Ahmadiyya Muslim Community celebrates centennial of Khilafat

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Kolkata, Nov 23 (UNI) The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, spread over 190 countries across the globe, has embarked on a centenary celebration of its ''Khilafat'' throughout the world by initiating a slew of services to the society.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Kolkata Jamaat Missionary-in-Charge Maulana Maqsood Ahmed Bhatti recently told UNI that the centennial was in recognition to the community's uninterrupted succession of heads, known as ''Khalifas'', since the death of its founder.

'' The community was established in 1889 by Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1835-1908) in a small and remote village, Qadian, in Punjab, who claimed himself to be the expected reformer of the later days.

The community is an embodiment of the benevolent message of Islam, peace, universal brotherhood and submission to the will of God, in its pristine purity as depicted in the Holy Quran and in the tradition of Holy Prophet Muhammad, '' Maulana Bhatti explained.

With a view to propagating the message of ''love for all, hatred for none'', the Ahmadiyya Muslim Kolkata Jamaat, armed with its 125-strong brigade of volunteers, organised a Voluntary Cleaning Service at Calcutta National Medical Hospital recently.

A voluntary blood donation camp and a free eye check-up camp was also organised in the city.

'' Every month, we will undertake such cleanliness drive in the hospitals, roads, streets and park in the city. The Kolkata Municipal Corporation has assured us of extending cooperation in this regard, '' he added.

The mission also organise medical camps every month which were attended by around 200 patients, Maulana Bhatti said adding similar campaigns on homeopathy would be launched soon by the community's ladies' forum ''Lajna''.

Besides, the community had established eight schools under the state board in West Bengal, including four primary institutions, providing free education to 1,200-1,400 students, he informed.

The population of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community currently stood at 20 crore worldwide, while such figure was one lakh in the state, including 500 members in Kolkata, he informed.

He stated that such count was assessed at 39 lakh and two lakh in Pakistan as well as Bangladesh respectively.

'' Islam does not advocate terrorism. It upholds peace. Our motto is to spread the message - love for all and hatred for none.

Unfortunately some fanatics are opposed to us, '' the Maulana further informed.


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