Enraged sheikh suing Jacko for even 'a 3.79 tub of ice cream'

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London, Nov 21 : King of pop Michael Jackson is being sued by sheikh Abdulla Al-Khalifa over strangest of things, including the singer's favourite ice-cream.

The tycoon, who is suing the singer for 4.7million pounds after Jackson allegedly reneged on a record deal, has gone to extraordinary lengths to itemise 350,000 pounds of stuff, which he claims he spent on the star - and should be paid back.

And topping the list is a 3.79-pound tub of ice cream followed by 200 pounds of Bodyshop lotions and pampering products.

Among other expensive items on the list include a trip to a toyshop for MJ's family, a day in a waterpark, one Ferrari and two luxury all-expenses-paid holidays in Dubai.

"It's the most bizarre list imaginable. Some bills are only for 5 pounds- but the sheikh wants every penny back. The sheikh wants to be compensated for the strangest of things, including Michael's fave ice cream in the world, Haagen Daaz," the Mirror quoted an insider, as saying. he 50-year-old singer, however, claims that the items were gifts.

However, the sheikh's lawyer, Mr Bankim Thanki QC, said they were to kickstart his career after his criminal trial in 2005.

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