Carefree spending cost Republicans the polls: Palin

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Miami, Nov 14 : Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has said that carefree spending cost the Republicans the polls, but the party has been loyal to core issues that will win back voters.

The Washington Times quoted Palin as saying that the Republicans remain strong on national defense, social issues and free markets.

"That is the agenda that is going to build this country back - free-enterprise solutions to the challenges we face, respect for equality and respect for life," said Palin, the vice-presidential candidate on John McCain's losing ticket.

But she said Republicans failed to protect the public's pocketbook, and it cost them when ballots were cast.

"The federal government, led by Republicans, spent too much money, and that was not in the public's best interest. The public got tired of that and wanted change away from that unrestrained spending," said Palin, who was mobbed by reporters wherever she appeared during sessions of the Republican Governors Association.

At a press conference with the other governors, she dominated the proceedings - just by being there. Every single question from the assembled press was addressed to her, The Washington Times said. eventeen of the nation's 21 Republican governors attended at least some of the RGA annual meeting's sessions, and although some were split on how to revive the ailing party.

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