2 million Brits can't stand work colleagues!

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London, October 6 : Two million Brits dislike going to work because they cannot tolerate their colleagues, according to a new study.

Eight per cent confessed that they hated people at work, and nearly a third have quit jobs because of it.

While 25 per cent admitted that they put up with their workmates only because they were paid to, a 29 per cent said they hated them for licking their bosses' feet.

Around 50 per cent declared that they did not socialise outside work, with 25 per cent saying that they did only if they were forced to.

According to British tabloid The Sun, an interesting two third thought how their colleagues managed to reach the level that they did despite being awful with what they do.

In the meantime, it's 'warring egos' between employees that cost their recruiters billions in a year in lost production, a report from the 'Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development' claimed.

Amusingly, a study from women's campaign group, the 'Fawcett Society' said UK workplaces were "awash" with sexism.

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