Meet the woman driver who Brit cops insist is a man!

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London, Sept 23 : A woman driver is livid over police officials - because they told her she looks like a man.

Pauline Synnott, who dons a short haircut, was caught speeding and admitted it in a letter to cops.

The 59-year-old resident of Gillingham, Kent was expecting a 60 pounds fine and three penalty points for doing 52mph in a 40mph zone.

Instead, the cops who looked at the speed camera photo claimed that the driver was a man. They sent a letter to Pauline's husband Roy Watkins, 65, who owns the car, asking who was driving the car.

"From the copy of the photograph it appears that the driver was a male," The Sun quoted the letter to Roy, as stating.

"It was definitely her driving. I am fuming and Pauline is very upset - any woman would be if they were told they look like a man. I want compensation for the misery and hurt this has caused," said Roy.

Kent Police said: "We are working with the couple to resolve this matter."

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