Convene immediate Parliament session on N-deal: BJP

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New Delhi, Sep 4: Immediate session of Parliament to move a breach of privilege against Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has been demanded by BJP regarding US disclosures on the nuclear deal on Thursday, Sep 4. PM was accused of misleading the country on the nuclear deal issue. "The State Department disclosures have confirmed our worst fears. India cannot escape the rigours of the Hyde Act. It is now crystal clear that India will lose the right to conduct nuclear tests forever as a result of this agreement. The revelations in the US Administration's letter to the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee leaves no doubt that this deal does not contain any binding commitments by Americans and other regarding fuel supplies and on transfer of technology," senior BJP leader Yashwant Sinha said.

"Information given by the Government of India and the American Administration is diametrically opposite to each other," Sinha claimed, adding that the UPA government has been propagating falsehood on the issue of the nuclear deal.

"This is a gross breach of privilege of Parliament. BJP demands that a session of Parliament be convened in the shortest possible time so that we cam move a breach of privilege motion against the Prime Minister," Sinha said.

Seeking to make a point-by-point rebuttal of the Prime Minister's statements in Parliament, senior BJP leader Arun Shourie said the Bush Administration has been maintaining that it will not transfer enrichment and reprocessing technologies while the UPA government has been claiming that the cooperation would be 'full', including such transfers.

Shourie said that the government had insisted that there was a provision in the 123 agreement for amendments to enable transfer of sensitive technologies whereas the US administration letter makes it clear that it does not plan to make amendment to the deal. He claimed that the letter 'nailed' Singh's statement in Parliament that he will not allow foreign inspectors to roam around in Indian nuclear facilities.

"The word inspectors was replaced by experts," he said, adding that international nuclear experts will have full access to Indian nuclear facilities according to the 123 Agreement.

Similar is the case with nuclear tests, Shourie said adding that "it is clear now that the deal will be terminated and all (fuel) supplies will be stopped the moment India goes in for nuclear tests and all materials supplied to it will have to be returned."

Shourie said the Prime Minister had talked about taking 'corrective measures' in case of disruption in fuel supplies but the American administration has claimed that India has not provided any definition of such steps. Sinha said there were many differences in the interpretation of the nuclear deal by the Government of India and the US administration.

"If there are differences on how to interpret it, there will be difficulties in implementing the nuclear deal. This is a sure recipe for spoiling the Indo-US bilateral relations," the former External Affairs Minister said.

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