American author Corsi targets Obama again

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London, Sep.1 : One of America's best-known character assassins, Jerome Corsi, believes that John McCain's choosing of Sarah Palin as his running mate for the November 4 presidential poll, is a "brilliant pick" that will capture Hillary Clinton's voters.

Corsi, the author of The Obama Nation, the No 1 bestseller, which has sought to expose the negatives of Obama's achievements, has said that the Obama campaign has been more aggressive than John Kerry's.

"It is not true that Kerry did not push back, but the Obama campaign has tried more name-calling and ad hominem attacks," he said.

Corsi claims the Obama campaign is promoting a "cult of personality" and compared the stadium rally in Denver on Thursday to a "modern version of Triumph of the Will" - Leni Riefenstahl's film of the 1936 Berlin Olympics hosted by Hitler.

He does not like McCain either, believing him to be too soft on immigration.

Palin, however, is another matter. She supported the independent conservative Patrick Buchanan, who was to the right of George W Bush, in the 2000 White House race.

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