Another victim spills 'sickening details' of Gary Glitter's perversion

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London, Aug 30 : Pop paedophile Gary Glitter had organised a pool party where he filmed girls in swimsuits on a video camera, one of his victims has revealed.

Twenty-four-year-old Amie Bodenham, who was just 12 at that time, says that Glitter had invited her and a friend of hers to the home of one of his close friends.

She said that they met Glitter at a marina where he kept his boat, and that she first thought that Glitter was a nice old man.

However, she said, after Glitter was arrested, she felt "sick to the core" as she recalled how he had been on a sun-lounger, and filmed her frolicking in her swimsuit.

Bodenham further revealed that she believed that the pop pervert was grooming her and her 13-year-old pal for sex, as he had asked her and her friend to spend a night alone with him on his yacht.

"I was young and star-struck and just thought he was a nice old man," the Sun quoted her as saying.

"But now I realise that he was probably grooming us for sex.

"Why would anyone ask two young girls to spend a night alone with them on a yacht?

"I feel ashamed just thinking about it.

"This all happened only a couple of months before he was arrested for child porn," she added.

Glitter had bee jailed there in 1999 for downloading 4,000 images.

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