Obama condemns McCain's support to Musharraf

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{image-Barrak Obama_20082008.jpg news.oneindia.in}Orlando, Aug 20: Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama has reportedly criticised his opponent and Republican candidate John McCain for spending years backing a dictator in Pakistan (Pervez Musharraf). Obama said Musharraf himself 'failed to serve the interests of his own people,' reported sources. Musharraf had resigned from the post on Monday, Aug 18. He said the US would not succeed in Afghanistan unless until terrorists activities along Pak-Afghan border were not controlled.

Obama said that McCain supported Musharraf for several years, and that the US should review its foreign policy after Pervez Musharraf's resign, he proposed and added new policy should not a person-specific.

Republican Party's support to Musharraf has been for several years since US President George Bush solicited his support in the global war on terror after 9/11. Bush administration, as well as Mccain, have offered a lot of political support to Musharraf. When Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in a bomb blast in Karachi in Dec 2007, Mccain went out of his way to support Musharraf.


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