Exams made easier with internet in Australia

Written by: Ashwini Anish
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Bangalore, Aug 20: High school students in Australia can now access iPods, Internet and mobile phones during exams to answer their question papers. The plan was first devised by an All Girls' College in Sydney.

The system is the redefined form of 'open book' concept where the students were allowed to bring reference books to answer the question papers. Keeping in account the modern technology, the system has been devised says Presbyterian Ladies' College at Croydon in Sydney.

"In terms of preparing them for the world, we need to redefine our attitudes towards traditional ideas of 'cheating", unless the students have a conceptual understanding of the topic or what they are working on, they can't access bits and pieces of information to support them in a task effectively," quoted English teacher Deirdre Coleman.

"I was a bit hesitant because I didn't know how it could help us, but I don't think it is cheating after having done it twice, it just helps you find information to answer the question appropriately," said Emily Waight a PLC student.

In relation to this system, few teachers in Bangalore have their say:

"Use of modern technology definitely will be more interesting for students unlike boring method of referring to text books. Students will be more enthusiatic in referring to the internet. They can answer to the question precisely. Text books will have limited information when compared to internet", says Veena Giridhar, Teacher in Jain Vidyalaya.

"Children in our school also take certain information from internet for their home work. But we do not encourage this as the rule does not permit. In a way, it is a better idea for students to pick information from internet as students find it to be an interesting way of gathering information", says Gayathri Prasad, teacher, Poornaprajna Education Centre.

"There are lot of seminars and presentations of various subjects available online. Accessing the internet during exams can really improve their knowledge base and they can answer better during their exams," says Shalini, a biotech student.

Earlier books were the source of infromation in schools, but now modern technology have taken their place.

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