NC concern for independence of army, bureaucracy and judiciary

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Kathmandu, Aug 15 (UNI) The Nepali Congress has expressed serious concern over the independence of the army, judiciary and bureaucracy when the Maoists take control after the election today.

Expressing serious concern over the nature of former rebel party, the Maoists, vice president of the Nepali Congress Ram Chandra Paudyal said, ''We dont think that these organisations will not be able to work independently under the Communists.'' ''When we forged alliance with MJF and UML during presidential election, they termed it as unholy alliance. Now it has become holy alliance. Everything, I suppose, is holy under red flag,'' he said while speaking at a meeting of the CA that will elect Maoists chairman Prachanda as the Prime Minister of Nepal.

Likewise, Bimalendra Nidhi, general secretary of NC, also accused the Maoists of failing to forge national consensus.

''They called us for power-sharing negotiation. But they were never ready to negotiate portfolios like Defense, Home and Finance,'' he charged. He also accused the Maoists of not sticking to earlier understanding.

''There are at least 2100 people whose properties have not been returned by them,'' he said.

Congress leader said there is the fear of leftist alliance that can interfere the national army, judiciary and bureaucracy.


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