Lovelorn cockroach gets more sex partners than he can handle!

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Melbourne, Aug 13 : Nibbles was once a lovelorn cockroach, but ever since the lonely Bentley Park College pet has launched his quest for love in The Cairns Post, he is being thronged by a large number of female suitors.

Right now, five female giant burrowing cockroaches are vying for Nibbes' attention.

Carer Debbie Parsons said that after the newspaper advert, the Edmonton cockroach has gone from sad single to spoiled for choice

"I'm trying to ring around the school to get some sand to set up a bigger tank," quoted Ms Parsons, the school's scientific operations officer, as saying.

Already, two female roaches have trekked 150km along the Kennedy Highway and down the Gillies Range to be with the "refined" roach.

"They were racing each other down from Mt Garnet," said Parsons.

The lucky roach initially retracted from the females at his first meeting.

"They're huge. They're a good centimetre and a half bigger. He freaked out and ran into my hand. He's a bit scared but they're starting to hang around each other," she said.

Parsons owes Nibbles' popularity to its personality.

"He's a gentle soul. He's quiet, refined ... that's why he's so popular. Nibbles just sits in your hand and goes 'whatever,'" she said.

In fact, now three more female cockroaches are travelling to Edmonton from Goondi State School, near Innisfail, to meet Nibbles.

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