New York's most successful madame opens Dutch B and B!

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London, July 28 : Former call girl Xaviera Hollander, who was deported from America after writing a bestseller about her life as New York's most successful madame, is back in business, only this time, she's managing a Dutch bed and breakfast.

People started knowing about her after her appearance in 'The Happy Hooker'.

"I'm 65 and my boobs are hanging but I've just married this man 10 years younger than me. I'm having a great time," Times Online quoted her as saying in Amsterdam.

The report also suggests that Xaviera's walls are adorned by erotic art and photography.

"The art work provokes interesting scenes. One Italian married couple left . . . with the wife saying, 'Get me out of here - it is pure pornography.' The husband came back later with his mistress," said Xaviera.

However, many visitors are attracted by the "happy hooker" connection.

"I get lesbians on honeymoon, women meeting their lovers. I'm not involved in the hooker business any more but sometimes my guests will ask for a girl," Xaviera said. .

In 'The Happy Hooker', Xaviera talks candidly about her enjoyment of sex and her belief that she was performing a social service.

The book, which has sold millions of copies, still seems to be a widely read one.

"Young people often come up to me and say 'I found your book in my grandparents' house'. They used to say, 'I found your book in my parents' house,'" said Xaviera.

The woman, who went on to write a sexual advice column for Penthouse magazine, compares running a brothel to managing a temp agency.

"When a banker calls to ask for a secretary who speaks four languages or a banker goes to a whorehouse and says, 'I want a buxom redhead', it's the same kind of transaction," she said.

She named singer Frank Sinatra and filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock amongst her clients.

"He (Hitchcock) was kind of odd. He liked to get dressed up like a dead person. We'd pick up young girls, sometimes off the street. They'd walk into the room. He would raise his torso. The girls would scream. That's how he got his enjoyment," she said. As for Sinatra, she said: "He was very cheap. Very crude. He made girls sign a document that he was not responsible for offspring. He did it his way."

Xaviera also revealed that she was planning to bring The Happy Hooker to Broadway.

"We're going to make a naughty, frivolous, cheerful musical," she said.

Presently, she is in Hollywood to promote a documentary about herself that won the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival last month.

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