Winehouse's hubby sentenced to 27 months in jail

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London, July 22 : Troubled singer Amy Winehouse's husband Blake Fielder Civil has been sentenced to 27 months in jail.

According to the grapevine, incarcerated Blake had branded the judge presiding over the case an 'old bastard' in a letter stating he had struck a plea bargain.

Blake who was sentenced for brutally beating Jamie King a LA pub landlord, and perverting justice on June 9.

Civil, a 26-year-old junkie, admitted to having beaten the pub landlord only after Judge David Radford signalled a guilty plea would reduce a possible 5 year sentence.

"I was obviously guilty anyway and thought three to four years would be be a result! So anyway my Little Lissy, guess what the old b*****d said my maximum was? . . . are you in suspense yet?. . . 27 months! What do you think of that my delicious baby?" Blake wrote to friend Melissa Goldstone reports the Sun.

While Winehouse was missing at the court hearing, model Sophie Schandorff was there.

"Blake's mum says I'm the only person he wants to see," the Sun quoted the model, as telling a pal.

However Winehouse's father Mitch revealed the sentence was quite what he expected and even Amy had prepared herself for Blake's stay in prison.

Georgette Blake's mother termed the sentence to be pretty harsh and as for the survival of her son's marriage she said a lot of support may help the marriage survive.

"If I'm really, really honest, if Blake was away from Amy, I'd have every faith that Blake would never go back to drugs," georgette said.

"It's absolutely imperative that Amy for the first time realises the misery and the heartache that these drugs have caused. It has to stop," she added.

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